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Blue fire... Burning as bright as my will by PokeAnimalsLover Blue fire... Burning as bright as my will by PokeAnimalsLover
Just a little effect practice featuring and adopt I got from *FlareAKACuteFlareon :'D
Actually I was firstly gonna create a new OC for myself but then I got lag with design so I decided to draw this adopt :la:
Aaand I needed to give him a collar :'D
.. Eeh that smile is meant to be self-asserted smile, not evil eeh xD;
... To be honest, even tough it's a practice, I love how it came out :'3 Especially that eye :dummy:

Critique plz?:meow:

Character is mine, even tough *FlareAKACuteFlareon designed him~
Art belongs to me also :meow:
First time writing a critique, so here it goes!
I like how the lineart is lighter and darker in some areas, it has a nice glowing effect. I also like how the swirls on his arm and tail are nice and smooth :D One thing that's abit strange tho, is that you only made the yellow on his back legs "blurred" and now the rest of his markings. Either do that with all of them or with none to keep things consistant.
Now for antomy things, I'm not going to point out ALL of them cause I know you're not going for realistic x'D The paws look kinda strange, like he's standing on the tips of his toes. Try making the feet get "rounder" at the bottom, so it looks like he's on his paw pads instead of his toes c; His hip/stomach looks really skinny, like he's starving :'D
I can't really tell whether he's a fox or a cat...The ears look cat, but the muzzle looks like abit of both.
For shading, try blending with the Water tool instead of Blur. Blur makes things look fuzzy and wierd, Water makes it more "paint like". Fire casts alot of light on things, so turn up the opacity on your lighting and make it blue instead of white/very light blue.
The background looks really cool! I especially like those little "whisps" of fire coming out of the main part. They look like shiny feathers :la: The color of the fire should be darker though. Here you used mostly aqua blue (bright), but real blue fire is more like "regular"/sea blue.
I'm not sure weather he's supposed to be standing in the fire or infront of it...If you wanted him in the fire, put some fire infront of him too.
Overall this is a really nice peace <3 At first glance it's really pretty, you don't get to notice the mistakes until you look closley c: Sorry if you couln't understand what I meant in some parts otl, hope this helped anyway!
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January 2, 2013
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